Sunday, March 23, 2014

NCAA Tournament Day 4 Notes

All season long the talk was about Andrew Wiggins and Joel Embiid. Will they stay in college or will they pack their bags and take them to the NBA? That has been and will be the question until the NBA Draft comes around. With 12.9 seconds left on the game clock, Embiid sat at the end of the bench with a blank look. The little kid in the stands crying, because his favorite college basketball squad just was upset by a 10-seed in Stanford. The Cardinal prevails in St. Louis and will take on 11-seed Dayton in the sweet Sweet 16.

Second game of the day featured two tough teams with a couple of differences. Wichita State started this game undefeated and Kentucky started five freshman. First minutes of action Kentucky had the momentum, and looked like the Wildcats were here to play. Kentucky made a great comeback after coming out of halftime down by seven points. Will Julius Randle leave for the NBA? I hope not, because if this crew stays together they will tear brackets down in the future. The Shockers go down. I'm not shocked one bit.

Even with Iowa State being a little banged up, they still managed to sneak away with the victory. North Carolina gave the Cyclones all they had, it just wasn't enough. This was the last good game of the day, considering the others that followed were blowouts. The last time Iowa State was dancing in the Sweet 16 was 13 years ago. It must be the coaching. I like the upset in the next round, so don't be surprised if Napier and the Huskies come away with the win in a few days.

It would've been special if the Mercer Bears and their dance moves could've came away with this win against Tennessee. It was a sign that the dance moves just weren't that great and now they are headed home. I'll give them credit they beat the team I hate most in college basketball. However, it was all Tennessee in this game and they move on to play Michigan.

I have figured out a formula for how to win in this tournament. Don't come in with the best record in college basketball. Wichita State was undefeated, but they aren't on the dance floor anymore. SF Austin only had two losses on the season, but that didn't scare UCLA away.

Dougie McBuckets. You are the man and you will continue to be successful at the next level. Yes, your team did get stomped by Baylor, but you had a hell of a career. Keep on keepin' on my friend. Well, I wish he was my friend.

Many people didn't believe Virginia was the real deal. Now the Cavilers can laugh in those people's faces, because they are one of the 16 teams left in this 2014 basketball season. Virginia can't celebrate this win over Memphis that much, because they have a tough test next game against Michigan State. How will this Caviler team silence the critics and pull away with the victory. I have Michigan State in the Final Four in a few of my brackets, but for some reason I think that Virginia is the underdog heading into this game. Mr. Izzo is an amazing coach, but he isn't the one playing the game, the players are.

I want to see another 1-seed go down, so I will post this before the Arizona game finishes. Currently I'm sitting on the couch watching this game and the score is 60-43 in favor of the Wildcats. My hope is that I post this, and than Gonzaga makes a huge run and takes away the win from Arizona. My theory probably won't happen, but we have seen crazier things happen. Go Zags!! I really mean that.

My bracket is busted to say the least. I'm still happy, because there has been a decent amount of upsets. I just hope the next week games bring more intensity.

I just woke up from a four hour nap and I'm still tired. I don't know why I mentioned that, however Gonzaga is still losing. I really want to become a coach and take a team to the NCAA Tournament. How amazing would that be?

That was an awful closing statement, so I'll try to be more serious. Sweet 16 starts next week and I would be blessed if you readers out in the world are reading this. If you are, please tell me your picks!

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I start Billiards class tomorrow, which will be exciting. I need more sleep. Did I mention Gonzaga is going to win?

Saturday, March 22, 2014

NCAA Tournament Day 1 Notes

The first day of the NCAA 2014 Tournament was upsetting for some teams. However, we witnessed a great comeback by St. Louis to out stretch N.C. State. The Billikens got up from the ground and kicked the Wolfpack right out of the tournament door.

Albany played a solid game and kept the score tight with Tim Tebowless Florida, but couldn't play up tempo basketball for 40 minutes. And a 16 seed couldn't catch fire to beat a 1 seed.

Aaron Craft love his ice cream, but he couldn't get get his chocolate scope to go down at the end of the game against the Dayton Flyers.

Syracuse finally won a game! Jim Boeheim actually kept his blazer on for the their first game in the tournament against Western Michigan. The Orange stayed peeled and beat the Broncos 77-53.

Talk about a blowout, Colorado struggled to score points in their first game against Pittsburgh. The Panthers showed the Florida audience to watch out, because Pitt is a tough team.

Harvard University isn't all about hitting the books! The Cincinnati Bearcats were outsmarted on the basketball court.

Adreian Payne, enough said. Michigan State heart stomped Delaware 93-78. Mr. Izzo and the Spartans are still dancing.

Can Shabazz Napier pull a Kemba Walker and start a Huskie stampede? Only Jim Calhoun knows that. Don't be surprised if UCONN sneaks to the Sweet 16.

Villanova can win. Villanova can lose. All that matters is what day of the week it is. The Huskies have the Wildcats on their radar.

I'm a student at North Dakota State University. They beat Oklahoma, so does that mean I'm famous?

San Diego State can play... defense. An Aztec trying to kill a Bison on Saturday will be interesting. Let me inform you that SDSU will go down just like South Dakota State did in The Summit League Tournament.

Jimmer Fredette doesn't play for BYU anymore, so don't tell the Cougars it's going to be okay. Oregon passed on Taylor Braun, but this team plays fast and fast. Nike makes Oregon great, so go Ducks.

American is my ethnicity, and clearly American University shouldn't be representing it. Wisconsin has been around all year and are here to stay.

N.C. State ruined my life.

Louisville gave me a mini heart attack. Championship may be in their future. Yes, I did just type that.

That was almost a block! Is what the fans from Arizona State said. Texas Longhorns stab the Sun Devils in the heart.

Woff... is what comes out of my dogs mouth. Ford is a type of vehicle that gets a lot of flak from people. Where did I go from here? Michigan beats Wofford 57-40.

It was a good first day of college basketball. Day two was even better, so check out my blog in the near future for those notes.

Is the Sweet 16 going to look salty?    

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Lady to my left

Lately I've been studying in the Union on campus, but have become very distracted to say the least. It's not my world food crops notes that's distracting me. It's not my communication 200 homework that is catching me off guard. It is however all the pretty ladies walking around. 

Seriously, I'm trying be a good student and get all my homework done. For some reason, these ladies decide that they are going to break necks. Don't get me wrong, I do enjoy it very much. I would rather check out chicks then do homework, but you know how that goes. 

Honestly, how do you get the number of a gorgeous lady walking by you as you are trying to do homework? It's hard and some of you out there may laugh at my weak skills to get a chicks number, but just cool your jets. 

Maybe, I should try to drop my pencil by their foot as they are walking by and took their ankle. Think that would work? I think it would. Or maybe I should just throw a paper airplane at their head with the question written on it, "Hey cutie, what's your digits?", but that probably will work to smoothly. 

I was super bored and instead of doing my homework, I wrote this. Make jokes all you want about this post. I just needed to get my first post out to the world. I wanted to see what if would look like on my official blog. 

Anyways, keep getting those digits and try that paper airplane trick, it may just work in your favor. 

- Pace