Thursday, March 6, 2014

Lady to my left

Lately I've been studying in the Union on campus, but have become very distracted to say the least. It's not my world food crops notes that's distracting me. It's not my communication 200 homework that is catching me off guard. It is however all the pretty ladies walking around. 

Seriously, I'm trying be a good student and get all my homework done. For some reason, these ladies decide that they are going to break necks. Don't get me wrong, I do enjoy it very much. I would rather check out chicks then do homework, but you know how that goes. 

Honestly, how do you get the number of a gorgeous lady walking by you as you are trying to do homework? It's hard and some of you out there may laugh at my weak skills to get a chicks number, but just cool your jets. 

Maybe, I should try to drop my pencil by their foot as they are walking by and took their ankle. Think that would work? I think it would. Or maybe I should just throw a paper airplane at their head with the question written on it, "Hey cutie, what's your digits?", but that probably will work to smoothly. 

I was super bored and instead of doing my homework, I wrote this. Make jokes all you want about this post. I just needed to get my first post out to the world. I wanted to see what if would look like on my official blog. 

Anyways, keep getting those digits and try that paper airplane trick, it may just work in your favor. 

- Pace 

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