Saturday, March 22, 2014

NCAA Tournament Day 1 Notes

The first day of the NCAA 2014 Tournament was upsetting for some teams. However, we witnessed a great comeback by St. Louis to out stretch N.C. State. The Billikens got up from the ground and kicked the Wolfpack right out of the tournament door.

Albany played a solid game and kept the score tight with Tim Tebowless Florida, but couldn't play up tempo basketball for 40 minutes. And a 16 seed couldn't catch fire to beat a 1 seed.

Aaron Craft love his ice cream, but he couldn't get get his chocolate scope to go down at the end of the game against the Dayton Flyers.

Syracuse finally won a game! Jim Boeheim actually kept his blazer on for the their first game in the tournament against Western Michigan. The Orange stayed peeled and beat the Broncos 77-53.

Talk about a blowout, Colorado struggled to score points in their first game against Pittsburgh. The Panthers showed the Florida audience to watch out, because Pitt is a tough team.

Harvard University isn't all about hitting the books! The Cincinnati Bearcats were outsmarted on the basketball court.

Adreian Payne, enough said. Michigan State heart stomped Delaware 93-78. Mr. Izzo and the Spartans are still dancing.

Can Shabazz Napier pull a Kemba Walker and start a Huskie stampede? Only Jim Calhoun knows that. Don't be surprised if UCONN sneaks to the Sweet 16.

Villanova can win. Villanova can lose. All that matters is what day of the week it is. The Huskies have the Wildcats on their radar.

I'm a student at North Dakota State University. They beat Oklahoma, so does that mean I'm famous?

San Diego State can play... defense. An Aztec trying to kill a Bison on Saturday will be interesting. Let me inform you that SDSU will go down just like South Dakota State did in The Summit League Tournament.

Jimmer Fredette doesn't play for BYU anymore, so don't tell the Cougars it's going to be okay. Oregon passed on Taylor Braun, but this team plays fast and fast. Nike makes Oregon great, so go Ducks.

American is my ethnicity, and clearly American University shouldn't be representing it. Wisconsin has been around all year and are here to stay.

N.C. State ruined my life.

Louisville gave me a mini heart attack. Championship may be in their future. Yes, I did just type that.

That was almost a block! Is what the fans from Arizona State said. Texas Longhorns stab the Sun Devils in the heart.

Woff... is what comes out of my dogs mouth. Ford is a type of vehicle that gets a lot of flak from people. Where did I go from here? Michigan beats Wofford 57-40.

It was a good first day of college basketball. Day two was even better, so check out my blog in the near future for those notes.

Is the Sweet 16 going to look salty?    

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